DeepStream has been named by Valuer as one of 5 startups in the UK that can help corporations become energy efficient.

sustainably-aligned-affordable-and-clean-energy-organizationsValuer is a matchmaking platform that uses AI to help corporations, investors and accelerators discover startups that will lead them to greater innovation. Every month they publish a report to showcase how corporations can engage with a specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). This month the focus is on Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, and they chose to highlight DeepStream as a sustainably aligned, affordable, and clean energy organisation. 

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What is the SDG 7?

SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy is one of 17 sustainable development goals outlined by the UN. The goals were adopted by UN member states in 2015 and include outcomes that balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Goal 7, which focuses specifically on clean energy states that:

“Between 2000 and 2016, the number of people with electricity increased from 78 to 87 percent, and the numbers without electricity dipped to just below one billion.

Yet as the population continues to grow, so will the demand for cheap energy, and an economy reliant on fossil fuels is creating drastic changes to our climate.

Investing in solar, wind and thermal power, improving energy productivity, and ensuring energy for all is vital if we are to achieve SDG 7 by 2030.

Expanding infrastructure and upgrading technology to provide clean and more efficient energy in all countries will encourage growth and help the environment.”


How DeepStream helps corporations become energy efficient


“DeepStream has developed a B2B marketplace dedicated to the oil and gas, renewables, and energy infrastructure procurement. Its highly user-friendly, transparent and efficient collaborative platform, designed with user-defined automated workflows guarantees smooth and secured digital transactions.” Valuer, May 2020

DeepStream is a collaborative platform for critical B2B data exchanges with configurable workflow automation. We began our journey in the Oil & Gas space before rolling it out to businesses with similar requirements, including but not limited to: Telecoms, Vessel Chartering, Metals & Mining, BioTech, and Construction.  

Our mission is to save corporations from clunky prescriptive enterprise software that none of their employees want to use anyway.

We are all too aware that in many companies, critical business exchanges take place more often than not on unsecure email, with hard to track and replicate processes.

What does this have to do with energy and sustainability?

Let’s put it this way: sustainability is impossible to achieve without visibility.

And this is where we excel. 

we excel at sustainability and visibility of the supply chainOur platform ensures that the tendering process is more transparent and efficient as well as auditable at a click of a button. You can easily check the environmental credentials of the suppliers and brokers you are working with.

The platform makes knowledge sharing among teams and reporting more effective whilst facilitating collaboration with Joint Venture Partners and other external business associates within the secure communication application.

So basically: you save time, you save money, you save yourself and your team many a headache. 

disruptive innovation is not a silver bullet but holds the highest potential in addressing complex systemic global issuesDiscover DeepStream

Check out our videos to see DeepStream’s features for yourself, or book a demo now. 

Our live action demos aren’t your run of the mill. As a prospect, you can play an end-to-end tender on our platform, and see if you win… Will you play as a supplier, broker or buyer?

Our product relies on interaction between lots of different people, so testing it on your own would be too limited. Therefore, members of the DeepStream team will be allocated roles to play for this tender through a video conference call. 

Ask any questions you have, switch up roles, test out every function of our product.

In the short time frame of a video call, we guarantee that you will leave more pumped than when you joined.

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