Product update – October 2019

As ever, we’re hard at work listening to our users and responding to their feedback to make DeepStream as useful and useable as we can.

We’re pleased to highlight some key improvements we’ve recently released as a result of our efforts toward providing both buyers and suppliers a smooth and streamlined tendering experience across our platform.

Helping buyers run an efficient tender

We’ve made a number of updates to help buyers run tenders with ease and the flexibility needed to suit their requirements.

Resolve a requirement at any stage

If a buyer decides mid-way through a tender that a supplier no longer needs to provide a document, a new ‘Resolve’ action can be taken.

Suppliers will see a ‘Resolved’ status and will no longer be able to take further action on the document request. Once resolved, a document will no longer appear as outstanding, allowing a supplier’s bid to progress to ‘Complete’.

This will allow buyers to selectively waive requirements for each supplier as necessary but still give them clarity that their bid is on track.

Buyers can now unilaterally resolve any document exchange at any stage

See exactly who will receive a tender

When a buyer adds suppliers while drafting a tender, we’ll now show exactly which email addresses are set up to receive an invite at each company.

If someone’s missing, just hit the ‘Invite new users’ button, optionally write them a message and we’ll send out an invite email they can use to quickly sign up and prepare their bid.

Supplier contacts who will receive a tender will now be shown to buyers

View each supplier’s bid contacts

Buyers can now see exactly which users are working on a supplier’s bid team via the ‘Contacts’ button next to each company invited to a tender.

This will stay live over the course of a tender as supplier users are added or removed, allowing buyers to stay up-to-date on who is involved and who can be contacted throughout.

Again, if someone is missing just click ‘Invite new user’ to send an email and get them onboard quickly.

The supplier’s bid team can now be seen by buyers throughout the tender

Providing best-in-class support

We’re proud to have a reputation for being fast and attentive when it comes to customer support. We’ve added a number of features to help us provide the best service and experience possible to all our users, particularly suppliers.

Faster access to support

We’ve added a persistent ‘Help’ button at the bottom-right corner of every screen within the app to provide more direct access to customer support.

As soon as a user needs help, they can click on this button to provide an overview of the issue and request a call back – no need for the distraction of another email or phone call.

Our support team will receive a prioritised message including the request details and other information needed to investigate the issue. We can then reach out to troubleshoot and provide a quick resolution.

A persistent ‘Help’ button will provide quick route to our support team

Better feedback for unsupported browsers

If a user accesses DeepStream from a browser which can’t support the latest web technologies, we’ll now show a page advising them to try another browser alongside useful links to different options.

We’ll only show this page where a web browser is so outdated using it would result in a broken or poor user experience – all modern, up-to-date web browsers are supported and will run DeepStream.

Unsupported browsers will be detected to help users get the best experience

More useful error messages

Where error messages appear, we’ll always let users know how to resolve an issue themselves if possible.

Where an issue can’t be resolved directly, we’ll now include a link to get in touch with our support team so we can quickly advise of the best solution.

Errors are now more descriptive and provide direct links to support where relevant

Faster approvals for invited users

For newly-invited users, we now offer guidance on which contact at their company has the required permissions to review and approve their request to join the team.

Invited users can contact their admin user directly to seek approval or get in touch with DeepStream support if they need to transfer permissions to someone else at their company.

Invited users can follow up with their company admin to get onboard as quickly as possible

If there’s anything else we can do to help save you time or make your job easier, we’d love to hear from you – email

If you’re interested in finding out more about DeepStream and requesting a demo, visit our website

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