A few months back we spoke about supplier pre-qualification and how this has somewhat become the holy grail for suppliers looking to work with super majors and oil companies. But, if pre-qualification to suppliers is the holy grail, then for some, tendering is almost like the Temple of Doom — you don’t want to go in…but you just have to!

That’s how DeepStream and our network of suppliers have felt over the years of bidding on oil & gas projects. Time spent estimating costs, putting together quality proposals, completing deviation and clarification spreadsheets and most of the time not even getting a thank you at the end — never mind any feedback on how to improve for the next bid.

It’s not a challenge for suppliers to offer their products and services, they know their business better than anyone, however, the oil companies laborious tendering process leaves the supplier checking standards, re-submitting paperwork and signing agreements they don’t know the ins and out of.

How have oil companies acted in response?

I do sympathise though with oil companies and buyers, they understand the problem from both perspectives but having seen many oil companies implement their own e-procurement system with limited success either because the staff don’t find it useful or the software isn’t flexible enough for a wide range of projects, it’s then forgotten about and SCM’s revert back to tried and tested email and excel spreadsheets. Don’t get me wrong this works, but been in an era of cloud based software that is highly scalable and cheaper to maintain than many alternatives we feel things are about to change.

At DeepStream we developed a flexible e-procurement & tendering system which works both for the buyer and supplier.

For buyers it’s easy to on-board your whole supply chain in an instant. By using a 3rd party secure network like DeepStream, tendering information is kept between you and your suppliers, on the other hand, non-sensitive information can be used for the good of all and importantly no longer duplicated. Buyers create their tender using previously complied ITT and documents are uploaded for selected suppliers to view. Teams can communicate with each other to agree, disagree or deviate against the line items and documents. Work is then awarded to the supplier.

So, if you’re looking to adopt a new system that can be switched on and off with almost zero setup time then sign up today and dare to dream for a new way to tender!