Flexible supply chain software for multi-stage projects

You may have seen our recent product update from Anya, but in this article we will show how a buyer/operator can recreate their internal company process for a tender/contract by using DeepStream. In this example, we will focus on the request for a condensate storage build in Bakken.

First, let’s setup a simple request or project.

1. Add as many stages to your request as you wish, it’s your call. From expression of interest through to the contract stage. The below, essentially allows the user to create building blocks of the supply chain lifecycle. You can add more stages if you wish, such as ‘Stage 4 Supplier Performance Review’. But in this example we have added EOI, ITT and Contract.

2. A major recent change in our software now allows the user to fully customise multiple sections with tabs. Add sections that you require, forget about the sections you don’t. We created some tabs for Technical, HSSE and Commercial among others. In the commercial tab we assume that there’s going to be supplier invoices…although it would be great if your suppliers didn’t invoice 🙂 we are good at DeepStream, just not that good — sorry buyers.

3. We added a section called ‘Invoices’ to the commercial tab and within the invoices section we added a supplier call to action, in this case, a supplier document request. Making this section visible to supplier only at ‘3. Contract’ stage

4. Once you are satisfied at the content of your request, save and issue it. For this example we have moved suppliers through the EOI and ITT stages and we are now in the contract stage.

5. Supplier receives a task/to do, to upload their invoice within DeepStream. No further action is required once the invoice has been uploaded, notwithstanding, it is also possible to add the accept and reject feature should you as the request owner be responsible for signing supplier invoices before payment is released. You can also invite your accounts department to this particular request if needed, allowing full visibility throughout teams.

If you would like more info on how DeepStream works for our current users then please request a demo https://www.deepstreamtech.com/ or reach out to product sales team.

Suppliers — Want to get paid quicker? We’d love to hear from you!

Next article…

If you’re part of the maintenance crew on an offshore platform looking for datasheets and vendor warranties from years back or maybe you’re the rotating engineer on a chemical plant looking for pump operating data from an old pump with no trace-ability, then we feel your pain. This isn’t a new problem, it’s ancient old, because so many systems and lack of access means that information is stored but is not made available. In the next article i’ll be looking at how tenders and projects, specifically oil and gas get passed to maintenance…chasing EPC’s 10 years after a plant build can be a challenge, so we will be looking at how our client functionality/feature allows operators to collaborate and keep track of supplier submitted information, at any time.

David Carruthers