We have adequate procedures in place for registering vendors and engaging those via our portal

Adequate is a reasonable answer to the question “how good is your stapler?” or “how was your sandwich from the garage?” but SAAS systems should be far more than just satisfactory.

I received this email response recently from a supply chain manager at large drilling company. I had enquired about their tendering and pre-qualification processes and if they would be open to embracing a new tech driven approach.

Is that where SaaS has left SCM’s?

Technology today has changed our world. We can now buy the best cars and software on the market. We don’t have to pick one and live with our choice for the rest of our lives.

Car Buying

Companies should treat finding the perfect SaaS software like purchasing a car. You have to do some research and ask some tough questions. Can the car accommodate my whole family? How secure is the car? How does it compare to other cars? Essentially, you’re asking is this the right car for me, and prior to making this decision you try before you buy.

Why don’t we research SaaS software like we research cars?

The Pilot

The free trail or pilot is key to making any software decision. It allows you to compare your current system against what’s currently on the market. You will learn about the software company’s support, costs and technology and you will gain valuable insight and feedback from your team.

If it ain’t broke

This is often the approach taken by conservative decision makers in the world of Oil & Gas. Technology is seen as a risk rather than an opportunity. Doing research and asking the right questions, combined with a pilot, can mitigate any risk and open up a world of opportunities for your company.

Sadly, those behind the tech curve don’t even realise that their stapler is broken.