Let’s face it, winning bids is often about who is good at filling in bid applications and not so much about the value you offer. If the thought of filling yet another prescriptive form conjures up a vision of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, then know that you are not alone. The world is littered with examples of frustrating bidding systems that benefit neither suppliers nor buyers. 

supplier supply chain win tendersFor too long this status quo has been placidly accepted, but it’s time for a revolution, and you, dear friend, can be a part of it!

Connecting the supply chain is our lifeblood here at DeepStream. Which is why we have designed a network that takes clunky tech out of the equation so you can focus on what matters. 

To this end, we have designed this handy guide to help you maximise your chances of success. Follow the steps below to make yourself irresistible to buyers and dominate the next tendering process. (Tip: you can also download this blog as a PDF whitepaper here).

Company profile map deepstream technologies1. Optimise your company profile

Curating your profile on  DeepStream should be your absolute first priority. After all, you never have a second chance at giving a great first impression. 

DeepStream company profiles can be optimised to ensure that you are found by buyers on and off the platform, here are the sections you need to particularly pay attention:

  • Company logo and banner
  • Description
  • Contact details
  • Product and service tags
  • Country and region selector
  • Public documentation
  • Pre-qualification questions

There are two passive ways in which your company profile can be found: through the supplier network of DeepStream, and externally through search engine results. You therefore want your profile to be an accurate representation of what you represent.

Scroll down for our top tips to optimise each section of your supplier profile. 

Company logo and header: harness the power of the visual

A picture paints a thousand words. It takes no time at all to personalize your company profile and help buyers understand what you stand for. Make sure you upload your company logo as a profile picture. 

You can also add a header image to communicate more information to prospects. Some ideas of images you could choose include:

  • A picture of your plant or products to showcase your expertise
  • A picture of your team to show the humans behind the company
  • An aspirational photo that illustrates your company values (for example: a forest to demonstrate a commitment to ecology)

We recommend that you avoid uploading text-heavy images as a header. These have less impact than text-free images.company profile deepstream header imageThey are also more of a risk to upload as they might not display fully depending on the device the buyer is using (no one wants to see “assets” get cut off to “ass” for example…)

Write a killer description

The description is your opportunity to shine and dazzle. What do buyers need to know about your company?

A useful roadmap for developing this section could be:

  • Your story (briefly). When were you founded? What is your mission?
  • Your positioning. What are your core services? What makes your company stand out compared to your competitors?
  • Success stories. Who do you provide services for? Have you won an impressive contract or any awards? Bragging a little does no harm.
  • Your values. Buyers might have ethical and/or environmental concerns – if these are yours too, don’t be shy about talking about them. Perhaps you’ve won an award for services to your local community, or you are involved in a recycling program. Tell us! Tell them! 

This section is also an opportunity to amplify your keywords and boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings in the process. If SEO is a foreign concept to you, let me break it down simply: if you want to be particularly known for your “vibration analysis services”, mention them in your description, along with any other related terms. Next time someone researches vibration analysis services on Google, they could discover your profile! 

Contact details

Information that was correct when you first joined DeepStream might no longer be today. URLs change, as do addresses, phone numbers, emails and so forth. 

Take a moment to double check your contact details are accurate and up to date, you don’t want to miss out on a business opportunity for something so basic. 

Country selector and product/service tags

Buyers can filter suppliers based on the regions they serve, as well as product and service tags so it’s important to select those that are relevant to your business. After all this could make the difference between a buyer inviting you to bid, or not.

product tag supplier supply chain procurementWe’ve made it easier than ever for you to complete this section: select a whole region, or get granular by selecting individual countries.

filter suppliers by country and region procurement softwarePublic documents

The document section of your company profile is a great place to upload supplemental information you want buyers to see. For example you could share your ISO certificate, or your press releases here. Upload documents in the document library and select “Public” to fix it to your profile. 

public documents supplier supply chain visibility
Think of it as a central up-to-date repository for key information about your company. 


There’s no one-size fits all with suppliers, which is why we have given the pre-qualification section of the platform a major revamp to make it work better for you. It now sits as a tab on your company profile, so that buyers can find all the relevant information about your business in one handy place!

pre-qualification supply chain suppliers buyersSave valuable time by filling essential information about your company just once, and making it accessible to the companies you choose.

Here at DeepStream, we are on a mission to remove the old prescriptive ways of doing things, and the new pre-qualification section is no exception. Ignore the questions that have no bearing on your company and focus on the ones that are relevant. Easily upload and attach documents that support your answers. 

It will now be easier than ever for buyers to make a fair and informed decision about which suppliers to select. 

You don’t have to do this alone

Creating a single source of truth for your company profile can feel like a daunting task, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Easily invite other team members to collaborate on completing the information.

teamwork collaboration deepstream software procurementDid you know?  You can easily onboard all users at your company individually via “Team Management”. It’s free and easy to do.

2. Control the visibility of your information

Privacy and security are of course of primary concern, which is why you have control over what you want to share and with whom. Here is a quick rundown of what your profile will look like at different levels.


  • Your general profile is public and indexed by Google. You can therefore be found by those outside of the DeepStream platform. Information publicly viewable includes: your description, company logo and header, contact details, location, product and service tags, and public documents uploaded. 
  • They will not be able to see your answers on your pre-qualification section. However, they can see which questions you have answered. 
  • Buyers browsing the platform will see a “Request Access” button on your profile that encourages them to sign up to DeepStream. 

Locked answers visibility supplier tendering

Sharing and visibility

There are two crucial ways in which your pre-qualification answers are revealed: if you explicitly approve access to a company, or if you explicitly share them with a company.

invite buyers suppl chain prequalificationYou have complete control over your information and can revoke access to your answers at any time.

3. Let buyers know you are using DeepStream

Using DeepStream is an indication to buyers that you have chosen to transact on a secure and auditable platform. It demonstrates that you have made supply chain visibility a priority, reducing compliance and legal risks for all parties. And, finally, it signals that you are a forward-thinking company that doesn’t just pay lip-service to agile and efficient processes, but is making them a core part of the way you conduct business. 

If that doesn’t make you a catch, I don’t know what does.

Here are a few ways you can do this:


  • Invite companies to sign up to DeepStream via Network > Send an invitation. You can personalize your invitation with a message explaining the benefits of conducting critical transactions on the DeepStream platform.invite to deepstream network
  • Promote your DeepStream registration on social media. Don’t forget to tag us if you do, we are @DeepStreamTech on Twitter and  DeepStream Technologies on LinkedIn.
  • Showcase the DeepStream logo on your website, linking back to our website. Get in touch now to obtain it. 

What does the perfect supplier look like in the eye of a buyer?

Following the advice above will demonstrate to buyers that you are compliant with industry standards, innovative, and keep your information up to date. These are all strong signs that you have a pro-active attitude and won’t cause them issues further down the line should you be selected.

Traditional enterprise software rewards companies that are good at filling in their arbitrary forms. DeepStream equalises the process by having an intuitive process that makes it easier for buyers to evaluate which supplier is best fit.

You don’t have to jump through bureaucratic hoops to build an appealing supplier profile on DeepStream. Simply follow our best practice recommendations above to put yourself head and shoulders above your competitors before you even begin the tender process.

and may the odds be ever in your favour
Now it’s your turn! As a product-driven company, your feedback is everything! Do you need other features? More fields? More ways to share? We’re open to adding and improving as always, so don’t hesitate to drop us an email at info@deepstreamtech.com