At DeepStream we’re continually delivering more and more value to our users through regular product updates.

Let’s take a look at a selection of the most recently released features and improvements our users benefit from.

Company profile

We’ve rebuilt all of our company profile pages from the ground up, making the overall experience faster and more consistent with improved reliability.

Pre-qualification data is now added as a section on the company profile. Companies can proactively answer questions, give others a preview of what is available, and manage the visibility of this data across other companies on the network.

All of this profile data is used to automatically generate a public preview which is accessible to external users and search engines, increasing the opportunities for companies to be discovered and win additional business through the growing DeepStream network.

company profile DeepStreamNetwork search, lists and filters

Our network pages and search have been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a smoother and more streamlined experience.

Actions to create, manage and share company lists now cover fewer pages and steps than before, requiring less time and effort.

Filters have been reinstated to allow network searches based on countries, products and services attached to the company profile.

Lastly, the engine powering search queries has been upgraded to provide more relevant and reliable results. This benefit carries across to all areas of the platform where companies can be searched for by name, like adding suppliers to requests, or our user onboarding flow.

product update filters tendering softwareExtended lock criteria

Users already had several configuration options to control how different content should be locked and unlocked over the course of a request.

Now our system allows users even more opens, so content can be unlocked based on the bid deadline, or when a team member manually unlocks, or a combination of both.

As ever, when content is unlocked, a log is made in our secure audit trail, available throughout the request for reference and export at any time. 

Extended Lock Criteria Product Update procurementUser experience improvements

It can’t be underestimated just how much of a difference a well-considered and optimised user experience can provide. We consider this a crucial aspect of what DeepStream offers.

As you’d expect, we’ve made tens of small (and some not-so-small) changes to address this over the previous months, including…

Explainer text has been added in various areas of the platform where users can opt to read more about what a feature is and how it works as they use it.

Suppliers can optionally use a quick walkthrough tour each time they confirm their intention to bid on a request, to help them get up to speed on how to submit their bid.

Many statuses and indicators throughout the app have been updated so they are simpler, clearer and much easier to understand.

Bulk document download is now available to suppliers, who can save a zip of all documents, automatically organised into folders according to the structure of the request.

Responses which can be made against documents have been simplified and clarified so it’s now easier than ever for both sides to take action.

User experience product updateMore request outcomes

For buyers, we’ve overhauled features around awarding requests to cover more common scenarios and allow for much greater flexibility.

Suppliers can now be rejected at any stage of the request and will automatically no longer receive notifications regarding this request once this has happened. Where this needs to be reversed, bids can just as easily be reinstated with a few clicks.

Rejected suppliers can now receive a custom message, delivered through the existing chat feature, which allows them to respond if desired.

Buyers can now close a request without awarding it to any suppliers, allowing requests to be brought to a natural conclusion no matter the outcome.

Requests product update tenderingClarifications

We’ve completely rethought our chat feature to integrate a new clarifications flow. Both buyers and suppliers can quickly open clarifications where questions need to be answered.

Buyers have a number of options to respond, whether individually or to all suppliers at once. In-app and email notifications are automatically issued for all updates, which are logged in the secure audit trail.

All supplier communications are collated in a single view, making it easier than ever for buyers and suppliers to communicate. Where necessary, an offline clarifications register can  be downloaded as a CSV for further reference.

For more detail on clarifications, read our blog post

clarifications ux product update procurement[Your requirement goes here]

All of these updates (and many more we don’t have space to mention) came as a result of customers using our platform, giving feedback, and seeing us deliver on their needs. 

Updates go out to all users on average every 2 weeks, sometimes even more frequently. And unlike many other providers, we don’t charge any extra for them.

Now’s a great time to join DeepStream and benefit from all of the features above plus a team of people committed to finding creative and cost-saving solutions to your problems.

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