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Supplier Management

  • Search and filter to find new suppliers
  • View detailed data on supplier profiles
  • Organize your network with supplier lists
  • Store data and documents in one place
  • Share securely with other companies
  • Reduce wasted time handling files

Build Tenders / RFQ

  • Run tenders with any number of buyers or brokers
  • Keep a digital audit trail of all actions
  • Control access and unlocking of bids
  • Build a simple or complex structure
  • Enforce deadlines at each stage
  • Control visibility across suppliers
  • Control actions against each submission
  • Collate documents across multiple suppliers
  • Track granular status of each requirement
  • Granular locking criteria for each document
  • Set different permissions per company
  • Control exactly who can unlock
  • Set flexible requirements
  • Collect valid responses
  • Auto-collate 100s of submissions

Issue, Award & Manage

  • Control what suppliers can see and submit
  • Bring order to the tendering process
  • Avoid unsolicited submissions
  • Unlock documents per section
  • Logged in audit trail
  • Documents inaccessible until unlocked
  • Download all documents at once
  • A single zip file organized into folders
  • Avoid collating across 100s of emails
  • Choose 1 or more suppliers
  • Enter a custom message
  • Emails sent to all suppliers automatically
  • Get oversight of all platform activity
  • Tenders, documents, pre-qualification data
  • Export CSV audit reports


  • Use across multiple devices and browsers
  • No installation or updates required
  • Built on secure and robust tech

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