Here at DeepStream, our team is everything! In this informal series, we put the spotlight on them, so you can get to know them a little better. Up next is one of our newest recruits, Priyanka Shah, who joined the team as a growth analyst. 

When did you join DeepStream and what is your role?

I joined DeepStream in July 2020 as a growth analyst.

What was your first impression of the team?

“DEEEP…..WHAAAAT” (in unison)

A team that is hardworking and hilarious. The best of both worlds. 

team hilarious hard working procurementIn one sentence, what’s your job right now?

To make sure that the product does not come back but the customers do 😉. 

As a growth analyst, I am working on scaling the inbound marketing efforts through content creation.

team Priyanka Shah Deepstream

What does your typical day look like?

COVID-19 Edition:

  • Wake up
  • Meditation session + Gratitude exercises (occasionally throwing in some time for yoga)
  • Checking in on Slack (daily stand-up done + replying to emails)
  • Getting some work done
  • Coffee catch up with the team 
  • Lunch
  • Working on content creation (writing blogs, press releases, competition applications, etc) 
  • We have several calls lined up during the day which includes updates from different verticals. I love jumping in on those to get an overview of the daily progress because I believe that all verticals co-exist and while working in a small team, you can learn from multifarious departments at the same time.
  • Researching on identifying different avenues for growth and visibility
  • After a chai break in the evening, I go for my daily sunset run on the building terrace and a quick drive to meet friends.
  • I come home and finish remaining work for the day before heading off to cook some dinner. 
  • Dinner time is spent chilling with the family before we unleash our competitive side once we whip out the board games. (Board games ruining relationships since the dawn of time). We also spend time writing letters of gratitude to deliver to medical staff in Mumbai, thanking them for their service.
  • I have been doing a course on Astronomy so I spend an hour studying.
  • I usually spend time reading or on Netflix before calling it a night.

What music do you listen to when you work?

Super cliché but I’m a Bollywood girl from head to toe and throwbacks have my heart. Although, I love and listen to any and every genre of music. My love language is receiving/sending a good song recommendation.

Deepstream team tenderingWhat’s the best thing about working at DeepStream?

 I have “Research good GIFs/Memes” as a task on my to-do list. Is there anything better that one could ask for?

Haha, jokes aside – I think that the best part about working for DeepStream is having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and an INCREDIBLY talented team (imagine an amalgamation of British, Romanian, Swedish, Kazakh, Indian, French, Australian and American brains coming together to revolutionize the supply chain industry – a recipe for success). Since I’m also a newbie in this space, I get the chance to step out of my comfort zone every day and hustle harder than usual leading to my holistic growth personally and professionally.

DeepStream is a place where you feel like when you’re being buried (with work), you realize that you’re actually just being planted – courtesy of the amazing non-hierarchical structure at DeepStream where we are constantly helping each other evolve, celebrating our victories together and overcoming our difficulties together.

team work makes the dream workWhat are you currently reading or watching?

I just finished reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun. I’m currently reading Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates. There’s something so unifying about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and in doing so reminding us all that we all have greatness inside of us.

I’m currently watching this docu-series on Netflix called Explained and I just finished watching Fauda on Netflix and the Hamilton film on DisneyPlus. (Mind=Blown)

team staff recruitment DeepStream supply chain What’s your favourite place in Bombay?

My favourite place would hands down be Marine Drive – watching the sunset over the Bombay skyline sipping a cup of chai with earphones plugged in. (Music: ON, World: Off).

team gorgeous