Pre-qualification on DeepStream has already been used extensively for exchange of business-critical documents and data between buyers and suppliers.

Even so, we never stop talking to our users and responding to their feedback to identify new areas for improvement.

As a result, we’re pleased to announce a major new update to make it faster and easier than ever to complete and share pre-qualification data (for free!) using DeepStream.

Making your hard work visible

A key benefit of DeepStream pre-qualification is the ability to answer each question only once in order to share the same responses with many other companies.

We’ve seen how much time and effort is spent answering questionnaires and we want our users to benefit from this as much as possible, so we’ve moved pre-qualification to sit proudly as an additional section of each company’s profile page.

We’ll only share which questions have been answered but not the data itself, allowing companies to see if pre-qualification data exists and to request access as necessary.

Suppliers who are proactive in completing their questionnaires will drive traffic to their profile and generate more interest in their business.

pre-qualification suppliers procurementSimple and robust sharing

Ultimately, pre-qualification responses are meant to be shared but we know how important it is to control exactly who can access this data.

Each company on DeepStream maintains a list of approved companies which can see and access their pre-qualification answers and documents.

How individual companies choose to approve and revoke access is entirely up to them. Access could be granted on a per-tender basis, or indefinitely.

Users at companies who are granted access will receive an email to let them know and encourage them to sign in and view it.

This is a great way for supplier companies to get themselves in front of buyers with the data we know is most often exchanged and highly valued.

pre-qualification suppliers procurementLet buyers come to you

Feedback on our previous questionnaire-based access system showed that it was complicated and difficult to maintain.

As a result, we’ve refined this feature to simplify and encourage sharing while continuing to provide full control.

Any user looking at another company’s profile can now click a ‘Request access’ button to ask this company for access to their data.

Users will get an email when they receive an access request, which can then be approved or denied at any time.

Companies still have ultimate control over who can access their data but can now field interest from prospective buyers as they search across the DeepStream network.

pre-qualification suppliers procurementThe best home for your data

The entire pre-qualification section has been updated and refined to ensure it’s fit for purpose as a data and document repository

It’s easier than ever to enter answers and ensure they’re in the right format – no need to contend with individual files and inconsistent templates.

Each member of the team can be granted access to edit, ensuring everyone stays up-to-date on the latest version and avoids dreaded conflict errors.

Answers and documents continue to be stored securely, covered by DeepStream’s robust ISO-27001 compliance and audit trail.

Even when data needs to be copied into other files or platforms DeepStream provides the ideal starting point to ensure it’s up-to-date and well-formatted.

pre-qualification suppliers procurement

Your turn

Sign up for free to create your company account and complete your pre-qualification, then let us know what you think.

We’re adding new questions and features all the time – what would be most useful for you?

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