Here at DeepStream, our team is everything! In this informal series, we put the spotlight on them, so you can get to know them a little better. Up next is our new Head of Business Development Philip Madero Hammarskiöld

Philip Madero HammarskiöldWhen Did You Join DeepStream?

I joined DeepStream in March 2020 coming from an EdTech startup in London. 

What Was Your First Impression Of The Company?

That it was a creative, smart, driven but also a very fun group of people that all work hard towards a common mission. Very inspiring. 

In One Sentence, What’s Your Job Right Now?

Business continuity, making sure we are supporting our customers, keep growing and constantly improve our product despite the challenging times we find ourselves in. 

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Well, it has changed quite drastically since we all had to start working from home but I do try to keep as many of my standard routines as possible. 

  • Start my day by doing a 15 min workout routine (mostly to wake up and get my head straight) and check emails/schedule for the day
  • Throw in 20-30 min of meditation now that I save the same amount of time by not commuting to the office
  • Daily standup on slack 
  • Grab a cup of coffee with the team over google hangouts
  • Some outbound sales and following up on conversations with potential customers
  • Working on identifying new verticals and how we best can serve them
  • Dogfooding so that I can provide continuous feedback to our awesome product manager and developers
  • Pitching and running demos for potential clients over video calls 
  • Go out for a run as my one daily exercise a day (courtesy of BoJo)
  • Nice dinner with my flatmates
  • Mandalorian —-> Sleep

What Music Do You Listen To When You Work?

Mostly deep house but I’ll throw in the occasional Swedish banger when I’m starting to miss home. 

What’s The Best Thing About Working At DeepStream?

Two things: the awesome team and disrupting old and inefficient ways of doing things with lean agile tech

Jack Macfarlane DeepStream Oil and GasWhat Are You Currently Reading Or Watching?

Two books, one fiction and one non-fiction: The Indian Epics Retold (the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, Gods, Demons, and Others) and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Although, ever since Disney+ was released my attention has temporarily moved away from books… 

What’s Your Favourite Place In London?

At the moment, anywhere but my flat would do since we are on complete lockdown here in London! But usually, I would say my favourite place is 40 Greek Street in Soho or Prince Alfred in Little Venice, not sure if I can choose just one.