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Intuitive yet powerful technology

Procurement is complex, but the software you use shouldn’t have to be too.

In an industry expanding as rapidly as mining and metal, you need a platform that will keep your competitive edge sharp.

DeepStream makes it easy to conduct complex tendering rapidly, wherever you are in the world. There is no need for lengthy onboarding sessions or high bandwidths. In fact, discover here how we consistently implement our technology in a matter of weeks, if not days, here.

Collaborate from one easy-to-use platform

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Altera Infrastructure’s Story

Operating in a socially responsible and environmentally-friendly manner is more important than ever, both globally and locally. This is why leading global energy infrastructure service providers, such as Altera, have chosen DeepStream to facilitate a more sustainable and cleaner supply chain.

“As we embark on a new chapter as Altera Infrastructure we are determined to drive a transparent, sustainable and efficient digital supply chain. Our adoption of DeepStream marks a significant contribution to those objectives, ensuring that we have best-in-class technology to deliver value, communication auditability and data compliance within our critical supply chain operations”
-Oysten Torlen, Head of Supply Chain, Altera Infrastructure (formerly Teekay Offshore)

Qualitative Value of DeepStream

  • Plug & Play. User-friendly platform that functions on all devices.
  • Secure. With ISO 27001 certification, DeepStream is built for the most critical and sensitive transactions
  • User-focused. DeepStream’s configurable workflow means you can make a tender process as simple or complex as you need – you design the process you want!
  • Flexible, collaborative and powerful: users will not need to deviate to email.

Quantified Value of DeepStream

  • $3-5 million/year potential budget savings*
  • 30-50% process admin labour savings**
  • >50% reduction in time to award***
*Based on 3-5% long term costs savings for independent UK oilco with ~$100m annual spend
**Source: DeepStream Technologies client analysis vs. email based tendering for charterers
***Source: McKinsey & Co analysis for DeepStream Technologies

Reduce the compliance risks that arise from having no transparency of tender

Regulatory authorities are no longer accepting agent due diligence as defence against bad practices, so it’s time to implement best practice with a secure platform that enables you to:

  • Comply with major regulations (UKBA, FCPA, etc)
  • Transact and communicate securely
  • Stay in control of information shared, with end to end visibility
  • Download an audit at the click at a button

Find out more about compliance risks in tendering in our whitepaper.

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DeepStream in the Metals & Mining Tendering Process

Digitising the Complex Tendering Workflow
Multi-Sided Network to search and manage Suppliers and Intermediaries, filtering by category and location, with information and qualifications on-demand
Define and configure the workflow for each tender, making it as simple or complex as you wish, and add any collaborators. Specify which pre-qualification requirements are required.
Securely issue the tender to as many suppliers as you wish, triggering the automated tender process
Quickly exchange documents, chat and information with suppliers collaboratively
Evaluate exchanges and bids via one central platform. Avoid having to collate and compare information across hundreds of emails with suppliers.
When ready, simply select one or more suppliers to award your tender
Final documents and agreements with suppliers saved and managed post award.

Ready to get started?

DeepStream reduces implementation time for Enterprise software from >6 months to 6 weeks.