Buyers, Operators, EPC’s…

Are you still using excel spreadsheets for deviations and clarifications? You’re issuing this spreadsheet to each of your suppliers, creating revisions, locking cells? We feel your pain.

Since excel was launched (and Lotus 123 for the old skool) supply chain managers, contracts engineers, projects managers have used this simple tool to compile deviations and clarifications spreadsheets.

For example, you maybe working on a pre-award tender, your suppliers have submitted their bid and accompanied it with a deviations and clarifications sheet? Sound simple? Not quite.

A recent survey showed that 17% of a supply chain managers time, per large tender, was dedicated to deviations and clarifications — a big chunk of inefficiency.

The sheer amount of deviations and clarifications to work through, with back and forth exchange of these documents over email, repeated again and again until a mutual agreement is reached… That’s just for 1 supplier, never mind the others.

At DeepStream we use simple building blocks called “Exchanges” in the planning and tendering process. All information, documents and communication on that exchange between buyer and supplier is kept securely and tracked, who, does what, when. From here, you can easily see which suppliers have deviated and share between your team for further discussion, no revision numbers, no locking cells, no excel spreadsheets, no cc’ing the the wrong person… 🙂 Just one simple exchange that can be shared with your team for increased visibility and efficiency.

Be ready for our new grid based compare bids feature… Coming soon!