Today, Instagram is one of the biggest business platforms that helps companies to build relationships with customers, share values, show personality, and, of course, sell. In fact 33% of B2B accounts show that more B2B businesses than ever are using it . And yet, the old cliché that decision makers are unlikely to be on the platform continues to cling on.

instagram renewable energy b2bBut what if I tell you that more than 70% of millennials are making decisions in B2B? And more than 80% or them are using social media to research services and products? After all, decision-makers, whether B2B or B2C remain human after all.

renewable energy instagram mobile usersEveryday, we engage with brands on Instagram without noticing that we do so. So why don’t more renewable energy businesses use this opportunity to build relationships between their brand and all those people out there?

Yet, to every rule there is an exception- and one of the B2B industries that has demonstrated this is renewable energy. In this blog I will show you 5 companies that produce renewable energy, and how they deliver a green vision through the prism of Instagram.

Vestas: Fast and furious

Number of followers: 38K+

Who are they? Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. They design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with +115 GW of wind turbines in 81 countries, they have installed more wind power than anyone else.

Why does their Instagram stand out? What do car races and wind energy have in common? More than you think according to this Instagram account. By highlighting their relationship with E Formula (electric vehicles speed races) and other race cars, Vestas has found a unique angle to make their company come alive.

How you can inspire yourself from them: Vestas use hashtags in a highly effective way to gather community engagement. Anyone using the company hashtags #Vestas and #VestasAroundtheworld can get their attention and be featured on their platform. Here is how a service technician at Vestas’got their attention with a spectacular morning view:

Vattenfall: Aesthetics in a white frame

Number of followers: 8K+

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Did you know that Stornorrfors, with a capacity of 599 MWe, generates the most electricity of all hydro plants in Sweden? Stornorrfors, situated by the Ume Älv River in the north of Sweden, is the second-largest hydro power plant in Sweden, surpassed only by Harsprånget. The Hydro Power Station incorporates four turbines and was first commissioned in 1958. In 2010 Vattenfall completed a new fish ladder adjacent to the facility. It is now one of Europe’s longest fish ladders and it helps salmon swim upstream every year to reach their breeding grounds in the Vindelälven River. (Vindelälven is a tributary to the Ume Älv River, the biggest tributary river in Sweden and one of the country’s four large unregulated mountain rivers). #Vattenfall #hydropower #fossilfreenergy

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Who are they? Vattenfall is a Swedish company producing utilities, aiming for a  future free from fossil fuels and driven by sustainable energy. The company mainly operates in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK.

Why does their Instagram stand out? Vattenfall’s Instagram page is a combination of beautiful green views and stations producing natural power. Each image is framed in white which further adds to the inspirational-feel of their grid. Each photo is accompanied by bite-size facts and snippets of history, positioning them clearly as thought leaders in the green living space.

How you can inspire yourself from them: Whilst inspirational images are effective on Instagram, don’t neglect your captions! Vattenfall use the space to share helpful facts about biodiversity, why it is important and how to help it. Did you know that there is already a prototype of a gravity energy generator? I didn’t before I read their post

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Dutch inventor Janjaap Ruijssenaars of Gravity Energy Ltd recently finished the prototype of a gravity energy generator, a contraption in which, you guessed it right, gravity augments any input energy into electricity. This unique generator has the potential to reach up to 93% energy efficiency and could potentially revolutionize renewable energy. Gravity takes a lot from us, and it’s time we got something back, says Ruijssenaars. We recognize that humanity faces many challenges, but we are also convinced that it’s just as important to remind ourselves of all the positive development happening. Like the progress you just read about. New innovations and solutions are constantly being developed and implemented in everyday life by people across the globe – people who inspire us in our determination to make fossil free living happen. Join us on the way. #PositiveProgress #Vattenfall @universearchitecture

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This and more exciting  and inspiring news can be found on the page of Vattenfall.

Enel Green Power: Choose your next destination

Number of followers: 11K+

Who are they?  Enel Green Power is an Italian producer of renewable energy that operates in 27 countries and has more than 1200 plants. The company produces energy from a number of resources including wind, geo, solar, hydro energy.

Why does their Instagram stand out? When you see this Instagram page for the first time you might mistake it for a travel page with amazing must-see wild natural spots. Look closer and not all is as it seems No inspiring quotes, no photo credits or even geolocation. Every photo is hiding an energy station of Enel Green Power.

How you can inspire yourself from them:  Enel Green Power know how to subvert expectations and turn what many might think of as ugly into beautiful pictures.

The company also makes great use of Instagram stories and highlights. Their beautifully curated highlights collections are full of high-quality videos that show what Enel Green Power does for each type of resource. Each highlight also allows you to find out more about the company’s operations and allow you to interact with them using Insta-story tools like quiz, reactions, or polls.

Ørsted:  I show what I do

Number of followers: 16K+


Who are they? Ørsted is a Danish multipower producer, the largest in Denmark. The company is placed as number one in Corporate Knights’ 2020 of the Global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world.

Why does their Instagram stand out? Going straight to the point, Ørsted shows what you need to see: production sites, wind stations in the middle of the sea and solar plants in the desert. Captions will give you an idea of production capacity or location. But the cool thing about this simple approach is that pictures are taken by employees on the production sites around the world.


How you can inspire yourself from them:  Ørsted is making a single page to be one company community where employees share their daily views while being thousand of kilometres apart. Isn’t Instagram for sharing your life? Well, I guess Ørsted does it right: share life around what they do!

Northvolt: people, people and…. people

Number of followers: 2K+


Who are they? If you want batteries as green as the sign of a fully charged phone on your screen, then follow Northvolt. Northvolt was founded in 2016 with the mission to build the world’s greenest battery to enable the European transition to renewable energy. Today, Northvolt has grown to over 500 employees and 5 sites across Europe, including one fully dedicated to creating a complete ecosystem for battery recycling. Their batteries are used in automobile, grid, industrial, and portable and micro-mobility space.

Why does their Instagram stand out? If you come for news about batteries the company produces, then I have to disappoint you. Because  Northvolt’s Instagram is all about people who are involved in the process of producing those batteries. Yes, it is great to talk about your company, production, and products. However, it would not be possible without your people. Northvolt got the idea! The company’s Instagram page  shows the real people standing behind the success of the Northvolt,who work hard to make it real.

This is also great from an employer branding perspective, after all who wouldn’t want to work somewhere where employees are clearly valued and showcased?

How you can inspire yourself from them:  Instead of showcasing your product, why not put the emphasis on the people who make it happen? Inspire yourself from Northvolt and the result will effectively promote your company’s core values.


Here are some key takeaways highlighted from Instagram pages of listed companies.

  • Don’t ignore your opportunity to build relationships with people
  • Be simple and clear
  • Give valuable information
  • Show personality and values
  • Share what you do and people will learn

Follow a simple direction and you will be surprised!

Have more splendid examples? Please share with me

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