We’ve achieved the global standard for information security – ISO 27001

Our systems have been systematically assessed for risks, threats, vulnerabilities and impacts and we’ve been awarded full ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to best practice.

We design and build our products to fundamentally protect your data.

Industry-standard security

We encrypt and anonymise your data, and only communicate it over secure channels. Internal access to data is tightly controlled and, where we collect analytics, we exclude anything sensitive.

Robust storage and backups

We back up our database and files using Amazon’s industry-leading S3 service, which is designed for 99.999999999% durability and holds data for millions of companies across the world.

Rigorous quality assurance

Our code undergoes automated testing many times per day to identify and resolve issues. We also perform regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to assure a high level of quality.

Transparency as standard

Audit and reporting functionality is built in to our platform as standard, so you can have confidence in how you data has been stored, accessed and updated.