Yes, you read that right.

If you’re still rolling your eyes and wondering what this new word on the street is, you’re probably living under a rock.

H2H human to human marketing saas Since the days of yore, our mother-tongue has been primarily derived from two dialects – the B2B or the B2C business model. Businesses have been “talking the talk” by creating their entire communication based on the receiver – either a consumer or a company. Communication is like water. You cannot survive without it. Having said that, ironically today, the water cooler has been replaced by social media and real-time global discussion. And although we have been bestowed with the art of effective communication, it is imperative that we use it correctly.

“As marketers, we’ve been trained to speak “business to business” (B2B) or “business to consumer” (B2C). But instead of this creating a simple framework for dialogue between humans, it set forth an unnatural language for marketers, using words like “synergy” and “speeds and feeds” to tell the stories of products and services to their buyers and partners. The fact is that businesses do not have emotion. Products do not have emotion. Humans do. Humans want to feel something. And humans make mistakes”. -Bryan Kramer, co-founder and CEO of PureMatter.


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The Complexity Of Simplicity

It is a well-known fact that although humans are the most complex beings, there is only one thing we strive for – and that is simplicity. Remember the time that you bought a product because it made your life hell? Yeah, neither do I.

Humans make an endeavour to purchase the products that make their life easy and that makes them feel good about buying it. We don’t want to just be sold something. We want to make the choice to buy it. And we want to believe that we made the right choice. There are 389248023/umpteenth different options to choose from. Too many choices paralyse a person, it does not liberate them. How do we succeed in winning the hearts of our consumer? It all starts with realizing that they have one.

Every transaction has people who are driving the processes. Whether you see a business or a customer, there is a person on the other side of the table.

This is the cue that we marketers need to pick up, to revolve our communication strategy around. People are more than just a “target market” and hence, we need to speak the language of humanity.

We don’t want to just be sold something. We want to make the choice to buy it. And we want to believe that we made the right choice. Click To Tweet

Enter: H2H Marketing.

As Crystal McFarren (CMO, The 20) defines it, “Human to Human Marketing is about forging relationships instead of flooding inboxes”.

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We’ve spoken about how humans have emotions and how they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves that motivates their purchase decisions. Now, let’s talk about the most important thing that binds our race together: Mistakes. Flaws. Failures. No human can just automatically set their default setting to happiness. You can’t do it. It doesn’t exist. Failures are an important part and parcel of life and there’s no denying that.

As businesses, we should not sell products. We need to sell solutions. Solutions that mitigate the challenges and problems that humans face. We need to sell emotions. Unless we learn how to do that, we’re most definitely fighting a losing battle.

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The ball is in your court. Do you want to sell ice or an ice-cream to a penguin?

penguin marketing sales h2hHere at DeepStream, we have not only evolved our communication but our entire business model to an H2H: Human to Human approach.

DeepStream is a secure cloud-based procurement  network for buyers and suppliers of equipment and services.

We not only understand and acknowledge the challenges encountered by our users but most importantly we have made it our mission to LISTEN to them.

Today, the biggest challenge that companies face is to use prescriptive enterprise software for their procurement needs. However, the lack of user-friendliness defeats the purpose of ease of implementation and forces the users to go back to the effort intensive and time consuming email and attachment driven processes. This increases their compliance risks and leads to inefficiencies in the marketplace.

DeepStream is on a mission to help companies digitally transform with their user-friendly and secure tendering platform.

Say goodbye to emails with our cloud-based technology that enables a user-friendly, transparent and auditable communication experience

We want our customers to stay because they want to, not because they have to.

marketing language saasHere are the 10 ways DeepStream is embracing and adapting to the H2H model:

  1. Our blank canvas approach allows endless possibilities for our users to create requests allowing users to define rather than being defined themselves.
  2. Unlike more cumbersome software, DeepStream can be implemented in a matter of weeks rather than months, and have an immediate impact on their operational processes.
  3. We update our system and release new features in accordance with our user feedback EVERY TWO WEEKS.
  4. It takes under 10 minutes for suppliers to create an account and start bidding on transactions and exchanging data.
  5. A full audit trail of all tender activity can be downloaded at just a click of a button.
  6. Our collaborative platform ensures that there is end-to-end visibility on transactions and data exchange in real-time that helps focus on increasing transparency in informational integrity of supplier credentials (including environmental standards) moving towards a more sustainable supply chain.
  7. Our platform also integrates counterparty compliance solutions within the marketplace, in particular a proprietary Pre-Qualification filtering system which is critical in the industry when engaging with counter-parties for high-value transactions.
  8. Our flexible approach facilitates offering trial periods that ensure 100% satisfaction from potential customers before committing to us.
  9. Our user-friendly software also allows for seamless integration with other products for our users.
  10. DeepStream can be used from anywhere and on any device, bringing remote teams together.

So, if you were a penguin, what would you buy from me? Ice or ice-cream?

Ice-cream, right? I thought so, too.

There are 3 flavours – B2B, B2C and H2H.

Choose the one that satisfies your heart, not just your taste.


Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts. At DeepStream, we’re all about ice cream too. 😉 If you want to relieve your procurement related stress, come have a scoop of DeepStream by scheduling a Demo here.