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Team management

On the Team Management tab for your company on DeepStream, you can see all users associated with your respective company. Additionally, each user’s level of company-wide permissions are fully visible to you (note that these are different from Request specific permissions). Users are controlled by the company Admin user(s), who has control over all users joining and can remove users from the company. Admin user(s) are also able to give access to users who are advising the company (e.g. lawyers or consultants) to increase the information flow across the team and increase collaboration. You can also add new team members by submitting their emails. They will then receive an email asking them to join.

In the Team Management tab the company-wide permissions for each user can be set. This gives the Admin full control over what different users can do within the DeepStream platform.

New user requests appear under the Requests to Join Team tab in the Team Management section, where their application to the company can be accepted or rejected.

These permissions can only be edited by the request owner. If you’re not the request owner, the request owner will have to transfer this responsibility to you. This can be done by the request owner going onto the specific request, and under the Request Details tab, he/she has to select the Edit button in the Request owner or point of contact section. Once you’re the request owner, simply go back into the request, select team members and then select the appropriate level of permissions for each individual accordingly.

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