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Supplier Pre-Qualification

Navigate to your Company Profile tab and go to the Pre-Qualification section. Here you will see a list of the standardised DeepStream Pre-Qualification questions, where you can edit your company’s adherence to each question. As a supplier, you only have to do this once, and it does not cost you any money to provide the information onto your DeepStream profile.

Yes, you can elect to keep certain confidential documentation and responses confidential so that buyers have to request access before they can access the documentation from you.

It is a supplier specific score generated by DeepStream based on the completion of the Pre-Qualification questionnaire.

As a buyer, you can individually go into supplier pre-qualification checklists, look at associated documents, flag any items and communicate with suppliers pro-actively to ensure that they adhere to Pre-Qualification standards.

DeepStream have undertaken multiple industry surveys, organised several focus groups, and checked existing procurement software to create an exhaustive checklist.

The checklist only serves a benchmark for suppliers. There are suppliers available on DeepStream who will not comply to one or many of the standards. It is up to the buyer to specify which standards they require for the task and the relevant suppliers will be filtered by DeepStream.

DeepStream’s core functionality regarding Pre-qualification is the following; Instant responsiveness - As suppliers have already completed their Pre-Qualification questionnaires, there is zero lead time for buyers to get the information they need. Network benefits - Questionnaire responses are either flagged or approved by the buyer community. If anything is incorrect or out of date, DeepStream will take immediate action to remedy the situation. Industry sourced questions - DeepStream has conducted multiple industry interviews and research projects in order to amalgamate a set of relevant questions that closely match industry needs.

No, however suppliers are encouraged to keep their profiles up to date and their Pre-Qualification information complete on the system for the benefit of the network.

Only team members who are currently on DeepStream will appear in the drop down. Therefore, if a specific team member is not on DeepStream, he/she will not appear in the drop down. Solving this is simple. Go to the Team Management section and add the details of the team member you want. Once he/she has joined the platform, his/her name will appear in the drop down.

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