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Supplier network

The marketplace is where users can find all the companies currently registered on DeepStream whereas the supplier network consists of a selection of companies curated by your company. For example, users can search the marketplace for suppliers they interact with and then add them to their supplier network.

Buyers can add suppliers to not only to their supplier network but also to specific supplier lists within their supplier network. Buyers can add suppliers to their network in three ways; Through the marketplace - Buyers find suppliers in the marketplace, which includes all companies on DeepStream, and add them to their personal network or individual supplier list. Upload your suppliers onto DeepStream in one go - Upload a file (e.g. Microsoft Excel file, PDF, or other) with your supplier list information within, and DeepStream invites them to join your network. Invite individual suppliers - Add individual suppliers on the DeepStream platform - Once submitted, the supplier will receive an email inviting them to create their supplier profile on DeepStream.

The DeepStream smart search functionality works within your supplier network and supplier lists (as well as the overall DeepStream network). This means that you can search according to specific geographies or categories and easily find the supplier you are looking for.

As part of DeepStream’s commitment to ensuring that users on our platform are high quality and relevant to the Oil & Gas industry, each user is verified. Nothing is required from users once they are waiting to be verified, and they can expect to be verified within an hour on UK working days.

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