Creating your account

Creating your account only takes these two simple steps:
  1. Enter your details in the Sign up form on the home page. This creates your user account.
  2. Then simply fill in basic details of the company you work for (company name, your role, etc.)
To access the DeepStream platform, every user needs to be associated with at least one company that has been created and verified on DeepStream.

If your company is already registered with DeepStream, you can send a request to join their team. Once approved by an existing team member, you can use DeepStream on behalf of this company.

If your company is not already registered with DeepStream, you will be asked to create the company as the first user. In this case, for security reasons, one of the DeepStream team will verify the company you created before adding it on the network. The verification process is an integral part of DeepStream, as it ensures that the platform is populated with only trusted and high quality companies.

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