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Getting started with DeepStream

Creating your account only takes these 2 simple steps: Enter your details in the Sign-Up form on the home page. This creates your user account. Then simply fill in basic details of the company you work for (company name, your position etc.) To access the DeepStream platform, every user needs to be associated with at least one company that has been created and verified on DeepStream. If your company is already live on DeepStream, after creating your user account you will be able to request to become a user of that company. The company admin can then verify you as a legitimate company user, which will provide you access to that company on DeepStream. If your company is not live on DeepStream, and you are the first company user, you will be asked to create the company after having created your user profile. In this case, for security reasons, one of the DeepStream team will verify the company you created before creating it on the network. The verification process is an integral part of DeepStream, as it ensures that the platform is populated with only trusted and high quality companies.

Yes. There are numerous reasons why users may need to be associated with a number of different companies, and as long as each user is verified as a legitimate company user, DeepStream makes it easy to be part of numerous companies. DeepStream stresses intra-company collaboration and visibility across a company’s procurement process. As such, team user management is an integral part of the platform, with a permissions system allowing for certain information and rights to be applied to each user.

Each subsidiary should be registered as its own company on DeepStream. Management or other users who require access to various subsidiaries can be members of multiple subsidiary companies to ensure they have visibility across their subsidiary supply chain.

Whether you’re a buyer or supplier, the first thing to do is update your profile information (accessible via the left hand column). For buyers, it is recommended to then start building your Supplier Network by either uploading your existing suppliers onto DeepStream or finding suppliers in the Marketplace. Having done this, buyers can start sending out RFQ’s via the Create a Request section. For Suppliers, it is recommended to complete your Become Pre-Qualified section. If as a supplier you’ve been onboarded as part of a buyer’s RFQ, it is recommended to access that RFQ as soon as possible in the Requests Received section.

After responding to your email invite and submitting your registration information, you will be verified by the DeepStream team. Provided successful verification, you will be granted access to the platform where you will be able to respond to the tender under the Requests Received section.

If a certain supplier can’t be found in the marketplace, simply go to Supplier Network, select Add supplier and then select the most convenient option from the down. Once on the platform, the supplier can then be found in your Supplier Network and can easily be sent RFQ’s.

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