What makes DeepStream different to traditional E-procurement software?

DeepStream radically improves on traditional E-procurement software in the following four ways;

1. Cost

DeepStream does not price out suppliers, so they have no disincentive to join the network and demonstrate their Pre-Qualification standards. As such, buyers can access a larger number of suppliers on the platform demonstrating Pre-Qualification and it is a true reflection of the actual supply chain.

2. Network verification

DeepStream has an integrated flagging and verification system which allows the network of buyers to help validate suppliers.

3. User friendly

DeepStream is a tech driven platform taking the latest Silicon Valley usability and product methods for developing software, making it much easier to use than traditional software.

4. Dynamic and digital

DeepStream is entirely digital, meaning there is no need for printing, signing and scanning. No more limited changes to Pre-Qualification standards.

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