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About DeepStream

Deepstream is a business to business (“B2B”) online platform that connects buyers and suppliers in the Oil & Gas and energy infrastructure industries. Current DeepStream companies include Operators, EPCs, Oil Majors, IOCs, NOCs, E&P companies, equipment suppliers and service companies. Individual users are either employees, contractors or advisors of each respective company, including Supply Chain Managers, QHSE personnel, engineers, lawyers and advisors. We pride ourselves on being the first truly open platform usable by all those involved with the procurement process, instead of access being limited to Supply Chain Managers. Having conducted in depth industry research and interviews, we found that having a platform accessible to all company members involved in the procurement process, within a permission-based system, is fundamental to prevent the breakdown of communication.

Cost: DeepStream does not price out suppliers, so they have no disincentive to join the network and demonstrate their Pre-Qualification standards. As such, buyers can access a larger number of suppliers on the platform demonstrating Pre-Qualification and it is a true reflection of the actual supply chain. Network verification: DeepStream has an integrated flagging and verification system which allows the network of buyers to help validate suppliers. User friendly: DeepStream is a tech driven platform taking the latest Silicon Valley usability and product methods for developing software, making it much easier to use than traditional software. Dynamic and digital: DeepStream is entirely digital, meaning there is no need for printing, signing and scanning. No more limited changes to Pre-Qualification standards.

DeepStream connects buyers and suppliers globally, and as a result operates worldwide.

DeepStream’s goal is to make the procurement process in oil & gas efficient, robust, user friendly and secure, whilst giving the industry access to the latest software technology on the market.

DeepStream caters primarily for the oil & gas and energy infrastructure markets.

DeepStream is built with the vision of enabling all oil & gas companies to be found on a single online platform and therefore caters to companies of all sizes.

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