Flexible workflows for your tender process

Secure. Agile. Highly user-friendly.

A blank canvas approach to tendering

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Who is in charge? You or the software?

All too often, the tendering process deviates to email & attachment based communications, despite the huge security risks this entails.

This is because existing supply chain procurement systems are too rigid.

Humans will always deviate to the most flexible communication method – in this case, email and attachments.

A human-first approach to software

Instead of letting your software dictate how you conduct your tenders, take back control of the process.

With DeepStream, you can pick the building blocks of your workflow.

You have complete control as to how to design your workflow for all RFx processes, source to award.

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Build complex requests

    • Accommodates varied requirements
    • Multi-stage requests
    • Invite and manage a large number of suppliers

Simple requests

    • Also suits single-stage requests
    • Create your request in a matter of minutes
    • Invite suppliers quickly

Line Items

    • Easily receive pricing requests from suppliers
    • Collate all responses automatically
    • Download as a CSV file

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