Welcome back to the DeepStream Product Blog! After an incredible 3 months of participating in the Techstars Energy programme at the end of last year, we are excited to share some of our latest features.

Multi-Stage Requests

We have been working closely with our clients to launch our game-changing multi-stage request system onto the DeepStream platform.

Our new multi-stage request system enables buyers to customise the structure of their request. Removing the limiting two-stage RFQ, buyers can now create requests with as many stages as they would like.

Within each individual stage you can still select a specific intention to bid and a completion deadline, as well as specifying whether a stage is visible to all suppliers or only suppliers within that stage. Additionally, you can now name each request stage.

Our new multi-stage request system

Requests can now be awarded to multiple suppliers

Buyers can now award bids to multiple suppliers, offering buyers greater flexibility during their tendering activities.

The new multi-select field allows buyers to select more than one supplier when awarding bids. An awarded supplier however, will not be able to see who else has won the bid, ensuring your decisions are kept confidential and secure.

Requests can be awarded to multiple suppliers

Improved field types and validation for pre-qualification

Enhancing user experience is what drives us here at DeepStream. One of our latest field improvements includes giving users the flexibility to select how many years they wish to include in their pre-qualification tables.

Improved field type: Allowing you to select as many years you would like to include

We have also introduced a range of different currencies; you can now choose from either EUR, GBP or USD.

Improved field type: You can now select a specific currency

If you have any features you would like to see us build, please email us at info@deepstreamtech.com.