Welcome back to the DeepStream monthly Product blog, we have had a busy month and are looking forward to showing you all the new features!

1. The DeepStream Exchange & Partial Bid Replies

We worked closely with our buyers and suppliers to launch our new DeepStream Exchange. Collaboration on documents is easier than ever, removing the need for emails and phone calls. The new exchange system also allows you to reply to individual items and not send a full bid reply each time.

With the exchange you can also add comments back and forth on the exchange. The exchange will update in real time so each company can instantly see the change and reply.

If you would like to make the comment more formal, you can add an action such as “Deviate” or “Clarify”. This will notify the other company that there is an action needed to be taken.

2. Fully Customizable Sections

We have removed all of the standard section names, you can now rename every section and sub-section the way you want. This allows you to customize the request even further and lets your suppliers know exactly what each section is.

3. Multi-Document Upload

User experience is key to our philosophy at DeepStream and this feature shows exactly that. We have improved our Doc Exchange to allow you to upload multiple documents at the same time, saving you and your team time.

4. Bid Deadline — Date and Time

Bid Deadlines now have the option to add a specific time as well as the date. This time will update depending on the timezone that the company is in.

Adding to the benefits of the new bid deadline is the new “Bid Status and Countdown Timer”. Now your suppliers can clearly see what the status of their bid is and how long is left in that stage. The timer updates to show the time left, even as you move from stage to stage.

5. Bulk Download

We have now added the ability to download all of the request’s, responses and files from all of your suppliers. The files are organized by supplier and packed into a nice zip file.

6. New Bid History

Audit trails are crucial when reviewing a suppliers bid and seeing all the most recent actions. We have updated our Bid History to be easier to use and to include all the actions from our partial bid replies!