Welcome to the first in a monthly series of Product blogs, where we will give you an insight into the latest developments in the DeepStream product and how we put together our offering to our clients.

Central to the Product mission statement at DeepStream is an ongoing release schedule where we constantly improve and enhance our product, based on our most important asset: our users.

And we hear our users loud and clear. They are tired of using software platforms that have a slow release cycle, that do not feel robust, that have become complacent in their market position and not giving their users the features or usability that they want. When we started building the product, we promised to iterate quickly and provide our users with the features the wanted and needed.

True to form, this month we have a feature packed product release portfolio, boasting not only a large number of improvements (releasing what many other platforms release every 6 months) but also quality in functionality, with convincing user research input and a high amount of quality assurance testing. This months aim was to increase flexibility, collaboration and accountability in the platform.

We start off with the 4 large improvements:

1. Custom Requests

When sending out tenders using Requests, they are not one size fit all. Things will change depending on the country, complexity and type of project. With Custom Requests, you can create your request the way you want. We have allowed our users to insert customisable containers, so that regardless of how large or small your Request is, you have the flexibility to mould the Request to fit.

We have also included our signature DeepStream Document Exchange functionality within each container, allowing you to collaborate with your suppliers in a simple but effective way, regardless of how many documents you need to send back and forth.

2. Permissions and Approvals

You asked and we listened. In addition to the platform and Request wide permissions system, we now have approvals and permissions for each of the sections within a Request. This feature ties in with our Custom Requests, as you can add permission and approvals to your newly created containers. The beauty of our permissions and approvals are that you can also turn them off for your smaller Requests that need to go through faster.

Days of hounding down various approvers by email, and not having a clean audit trail of the actual approval, are over. We want to make your tendering process safer.

3. Double Sided Pre-Qualification

Managing your supplier Pre-Qualification has never been easier. Our Double Sided Pre-Qualification now lets you do the following:

  • Create custom questionnaires for your suppliers
  • Send the questionnaires to your suppliers to answer
  • Receive all the documents to review and approve

On top of all this, our Pre-Qualification saves time by allowing you to get instant answers to questions they have already answered!

4. Associated Pre-Qualification

Sometimes you need to have a Pre-Qualification questionnaire for a particular Request. Now you can! DeepStream allows you to add a saved Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to your Request and see the score of each supplier.

Next we released 4 smaller, but just as exciting features:

1. Email delivery receipts for sent Requests

So you sent your Request to all of your suppliers, but some of them aren’t on DeepStream. How do you know that they received your request? With delivery Receipts we show you if your invitation was received, opened and/or read by the supplier.

This is particularly important when you need “proof” that your request has been sent to a certain supplier, as is often the case with government related tenders. One of our clients was having to go into outlook “read receipts” and take a screenshot over every delivered email!

2. Branded invitations to suppliers

Now when you invite your suppliers to the platform, they will receive an invite with your logo on the email!

3. Attach documents when awarding a Request

Need to attach a purchase order or a contract when you have awarded the request? We’ve got your covered!

4. Tender Bulletin 2.0

Just when you thought Tender Bulletins couldn’t get any more exciting, we have now upgraded them to allow suppliers to specify which document they need clarification on.

That’s it for this month. If you hadn’t noticed, WE LOVE USER FEEDBACK, so any suggestions or feedback from our users feel free to send us an email at info@deepstreamtech.com.

Lastly, many thanks to the “Dream Team” helping on our product development cycle: Alex Glover, Alex Heerema, Simon Tran, Marion Gourlaouen, Yannis Drosidis and Cyril Silverman.