Here at DeepStream, our team is everything! In this informal series, we put the spotlight on them, so you can get to know them a little better. Up next is our Marketing Consultant Claire Trévien.

When Did You Join DeepStream?

I joined DeepStream in late October 2019.

What Was Your First Impression Of The Company?

Great energy and team spirit, everyone made me feel very welcome. A lot of companies preach open communications and lack of hierarchy, but DeepStream really walks the walk, so that was impressive to see.

In One Sentence, What’s Your Job Right Now?

Marketing consultant, which sounds terribly hands-off as a title, but it’s not at all in this case: I’m helping to grow DeepStream’s online presence, through blog, social media and video content.

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Here’s the Covid-19 lockdown edition, for the days when I’m working with DeepStream…

I like to work in the mornings before everyone is up, this is made easier by the fact that I live in France so I’m an hour ahead of most of the team. I tend to work 7.30am-12 on a variety of things. I like to start mornings with things requiring the most concentration as that’s when I’m at my best, so it’s good for editing blog content written by the team, or planning new work whether written or video.

Then, being terribly French, I like to have a proper lunch break, followed, when possible, by a walk.

Then it’s back to work for the afternoon!

I try to make a point to switch off in the evenings, as it’s very easy to let work bleed into everything. So they’re either spent painting, watching Netflix, or going for virtual drinks with friends and family.

What Music Do You Listen To When You Work?

Unlike a lot of people it seems, I like upbeat music to chair-dance to as I type.  I have an eclectic spotify playlist I use to that effect. Some recent additions include Deluxe’s Tall Ground, Daði Freyr’s Think About Things, Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke, O’Hooley & Tidow’s Gentleman Jack, and Tri Yann’s An Alarc’h. Here’s a link to the playlist if that sounds like your jam…. I sometimes mix it up with one of Spotify’s curated playlists, such as Songs to Sing in the Shower, and Sweet Soul Sunday.

What’s the Best Thing About Working At DeepStream?

Feeling part of a journey to revolutionise unnecessarily dusty processes in procurement…


What Are You Currently Reading Or Watching?

I’m reading Abi Palmer’s Sanatorium at the moment – which is a work that resists easy categorising – it’s set in a water-based rehabilitation centre in Budapest (and an inflatable bath tub in London!). Just finished Kiran Millwood-Hargrave’s first novel for adults The Mercies,  based on the witch-trials of 1621 in Vardø, Norway, following a storm that killed all the men in the community. The authors are my friends, so I’m biased, but I recommend both books heartily.

Also recently became a big fan of Mia Kang’s poetry, her City Poems pamphlet is a bit gorgeous.

What’s Your Favourite Place In Quimper?

My heart belongs to the Locmaria neighbourhood of Quimper – which is very much the traditional craft heart of the city (pottery and embroidery). It’s cobbled, with great pubs, live music, and overlooks the river Odet.

Locmaria Quimper