Why choose DeepStream?

Secure. Cloud based. Highly user friendly.

Digitising the Complex Tendering Workflow

DeepStream is a collaborative platform for critical B2B data exchanges with user-defined automated workflows.

Exchange business, tender and transact through a smooth and secure digital platform.

DeepStream is highly user-friendly, transparent and efficient, with an audit trail downloadable at a click of a button

DeepStream started out in one of the most compliance heavy industries (Oil & Gas) and then expanded when it became apparent that the platform was capable of handling procurement across industries with little to no customisation (Shipping, Telecoms, Metals & Mining, Construction, Biotech, etc).  

Digitising the Complex Tendering Workflow
Multi-sided network to search and manage suppliers and intermediaries, filtering by category and location, with information and qualifications on-demand.
Define and configure the workflow for each tender, making it as simple or complex as you wish, and adding any collaborators. Specify which pre-qualification requirements are required.
Securely issue the tender to as many suppliers as you wish, triggering the automated tender process.
Quickly exchange documents, chat and information with suppliers collaboratively.
Evaluate exchanges and bids via one central platform. Avoid having to collate and compare information across hundreds of emails with suppliers.
When ready, simply select one or more suppliers to award your tender.
Final documents and agreements with suppliers saved and managed post award.

Quantified Value

    • 3-5% per year $mm spend budget savings
    • >50-70% reduction in time to award
    • >30-50% process admin labour savings
deepstream procurement tendering workflow oil

Transparent & Auditable Tendering Workflow

    • Compare bid prices, clarifications, deviations, supplier pre-qualification and much more on one screen
    • Reduce risks
    • Fast, low cost audit
    • Visibility of third party and collaborator tendering process, on demand

Save Time with Automation

    • From simple to complex tenders, cut time to award drastically
    • Concentrate on strategic tasks, not overwhelming admin related to dealing with multiple suppliers
deepstream automation oil and gas

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