When you think about the construction industry’s LinkedIn pages, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Probably not “creative”, “caring” or “funny”.

Like many B2B social media efforts still, most of the construction industry’s output is, well, boring. Don’t believe me? Here is just a sample of the usual sins you’ll encounter:

Sin #1: Corporate Speak

Exhibit A: Every single social media post is delivered as if announcing some momentous life-changing news, replete with jargon-filled sentences. After all, why say “Karen’s joined the team, yay!” when you could say:

“[Company X] is creating a legacy and renewing its commitment to the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide through its recruitment practices. We have partnered with our human resources department to deliver the most agile team. [Company X] has invested in a proven track record of supporting the construction and completion of projects of varying sizes and budgets both in the UK and abroad. Welcome to Karen.”

linkedin company page construction sectorWhat’s the problem with that? You’re basically copy and pasting your press releases to social media, and it’s terribly dull. Would you talk that way in real life? No. If you did, you’d end up talking to your beverage while everyone else socially distanced from you.

Pro tip: Instead of typing, try dictating your posts. They’ll automatically sound more natural.

Sin #2: Sharing News No One Cares About

Exhibit A: Look, we get it, you’re a growing business and you need to recruit. Does your company’s LinkedIn page need to be 99% job ads though? No.

We’re very pleased for you that you’ve achieved x award and created y partnerships. Truly, well done. However, we don’t really care.

And yet, most LinkedIn company pages in the construction industry will be filled with one, or the other, and sometimes both.

These are the kind of news pieces you, as a company, care about. Outside of that, not many people will.

What’s the problem with that? There’s actually nothing wrong with these types of posts in small doses, but if they’re dominating your page, you’re not giving a reason for people to return.

Pro tip: When it comes to B2B social media marketing, you’ve got three big avenues you can choose to stroll down to avoid this:

  •  Be entertaining. Crack jokes, create content that makes your customers and prospects smile.
  • Be useful. Become the go-to place for helpful and insightful content.
  • Be caring. Create content that is generous, that opens up discussion.
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6 LinkedIn Company Pages to Inspire You

Fortunately, not every construction industry company page falls foul of these sins. In fact, in my research, I’ve found a few that stand out for all the good reasons.

Discover them below and inspire yourself from their example:

1. Vinci Construction

Vinci Construction Mind the GapWho they are: VINCI Construction is a French company that designs and builds structures and infrastructure that address major issues facing society.

Why their LinkedIn page stands out: Humour Meets Values

I was particularly impressed with their #mindthegap video series, uploaded natively to LinkedIn. In these videos, they wittily reverse situations of sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace to highlight inequality. If you don’t speak French, have no fear, the subtitles are in English.

Why this works: On international women’s day, many construction companies posted a generic supportive post, sometimes accompanied by a photo of the women on their team. Vinci Construction took a step further by commissioning this series. It’s also entertaining rather than preachy and has wide appeal beyond their demographic. It’s no wonder that the video has been viewed over 17,000 times.

2. Crossland Construction Company, Inc.

Who they are:  What started as one man in a garage has grown to a team of more than 1,500+ employees. Founded in 1977 by Ivan “Red Iron” Crossland, Crossland has expanded to have its own heavy construction company (Crossland Heavy Contractors), in-house precast plant (Crossland Prefab), and a development and holding company (Crossland Realty Group).

Why their LinkedIn page stands out: Family Values

Why this works: Not every company can pull this off, but Crossland Construction firmly puts the focus on its employees throughout the company page. They call them family and highlight their achievements and goals outside of work.

From an employer branding perspective, this is far more effective than a LinkedIn company page piled high with job adverts. Instead of showing where to apply, Crossland appeals to the why. After all, don’t you want to join a booming and successful business that will welcome you like a long lost relative?

3. The Walsh Group: Walsh Construction 

Who they are: Incorporated in 1949 in Chicago, Illinois, Walsh Construction is one of the largest and most respected general contracting, construction management and design-build firms in North America. 

Why their LinkedIn page stands out: Natural and Engaging

Why this works: Whilst many a LinkedIn page gives the impression that every post has been triple and quadruple checked by the legal team to ensure all traces of personality have been removed, The Walsh Group is the opposite. For example, it has enough trust in its employees to give control over to Project Engineer Hannah Gaudet for a selfie video of a building site. It doesn’t get much more behind the scenes than that! The Walsh Group have understood that social media is, well, social, and brought a little of an Instagram Stories mindset to their LinkedIn page. If only more companies could follow their example!

4. Power Construction

Who they are: Power Construction Company is a 94-year old family and management-owned firm that is focused primarily on the greater Chicago metro area.

Why their LinkedIn page stands out: Works In Progress

Why does it work? There’s a reason why home renovation shows are so popular: we do love a before and after pic. Power Construction is full of these, showing works in progress and dreamy finished products. As a reader, you feel invested to go back just to see how a project turned out. It also doesn’t hurt that the pictures themselves are beautifully shot.

5. Willmott Dixon

Who they are: Willmott Dixon is a privately-owned contracting and interior fit-out group. Founded in 1852, they are family run and dedicated to leaving a positive legacy in our communities and environment

Why their LinkedIn page stands out: Viral Kindness

Why does it work? Willmott Dixon has a long track record of helping their community and fighting inequality (they were in fact voted no.1 in the UK for most inclusive companies). So it’s no surprise to see that their LinkedIn company page is filled with acts of kindness, using the hashtag #viralkindness. An example to all, in these difficult times, to try a little tenderness. 

6. MT Højgaard

Who they are: MT Højgaard is one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies, with customers in Denmark and selected locations abroad. 

Why their Linkedin page stands out: Instagrammable Shots

Why does this work? You don’t need to speak Danish to fall for dreamy building sites. When LinkedIn’s translation features does work, you will also notice that they often combine these beautifully shot images with useful advice on how to manage construction in the era of Covid-19 for example.


What can you learn from the above examples to inspire your own LinkedIn company pages? Here are a few handy takeaways:

  • Focus on your values. Perhaps your construction company is family-run or deeply rooted in their community. Perhaps you like to put your energies into championing causes? Don’t hide this, share it!
  • Your team is your strength. Humans love humans. People-focused stories will always be powerful. Put your employees center-stage. 
  • Loosen the tie. Keep the jargon-speak away from your page. Add humour to your page. 
  • Show us behind the scenes. Share works in progress, or beautiful images of your building sites.

Over to you

Which LinkedIn Company Pages have stood out to you for all the right reasons? We’d love to discover more great pages to follow, so please send them our way! Drop me a line at claire@deepstreamtech.com