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Complexity meets agility

Flexible workflows

Pick the building blocks of your tenders. Our easy to use workflows can be built to suit your unique process.

Supplier network

Search our extensive network of suppliers and organise them into lists. Invite your suppliers to join the network for free.

One-click audit trail

Stop collating hundreds of emails and documents. Everything is in one place.

Forget super long & expensive implementation processes

Unlike traditional software, you can start using DeepStream today.

It’s so easy and intuitive to use, that company-wide implementation takes on average 2-6 weeks

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Our adoption of DeepStream ensures that we have best-in-class technology to deliver value, communication auditability and data compliance within our critical supply chain operations.

Oystein TorlenHead Of Supply Chain, Altera Infrastructure
collaborate tenders team

Collaborate seamlessly

Remote teams stay productive and compliant on our platform.

Share information with your team, partners, suppliers, and other parties quickly and securely.

You have the power and flexibility to choose who sees what information at every stage of your tender.

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ISO 27001



Full Digital
Audit Trail

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