Lean and secure commerce

Lean, secure and robust commerce transaction platform. Stop losing time and money with endless documentation.

Multi sided marketplace

The only two sided marketplace of its kind: no more duplication of efforts amongst buyers, run a more efficient buying process.

Compliance and pre-qualification

Don’t hold supplier information in house, leverage the multi sided network to organically collaborate. Tender out audit work.

Join the largest business to business commerce network of its kind

About DeepStream

DeepStream is a secure cloud based procurement network for buyers and suppliers of equipment & services.

Suppliers become pre-qualified through DeepStream, with an additional layer of network based verification part of the platform.

Find compliant suppliers, manage existing supply chain relationships and tender key transactions through a robust and modern solution.

Redefining your procurement software experience

Say goodbye to clunky, traditional software.

Welcome a highly user friendly, secure and robust procurement and supplier pre-qualification experience.

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